Classroom Rules


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                  Physical Science

                            Mr. Croley              


  1. Raise your hand before making comments or asking questions

    1. Provide equal learning opportunity for all class members


  1. Always attend class prepared to learn and participate

    1. Being on time. Students are considered tardy if they arrive at the classroom after the bell rings.

    2. Having homework and/or projects on due date

    3. Have all materials required for the day

    4. Excuses will not work so do not waste valuable instructional time

    5. Stay alert! Stay alive! (You must be awake in order to learn and participate)


  1. Always remember SAFETY FIRST

    1. No horseplay

    2. Wear safety equipment

    3. Stay away from lab areas until instructed to do so by the teacher

    4. Follow procedures

    5. Follow all lab safety rules


  1. Respect school and private property

    1. All property has some type of value

    2. Vandalism or destruction of property that has a monetary value will be reimbursed.

    3. Desks are provided for students to sit in. Air conditioners, heaters, and other items are not intended to substitute for the provided desks. In addition, the desks were engineered to be sat in not on.


  1. When attending a school assembly or function, students will conduct themselves appropriately and orderly

    1. Movement to and from shall be in single file

    2. Group will stay together as teacher deems necessary

    3. Be respectful of people involved in the function (i.e. polite and respectful)

    4. You are representing yourself, family, WCHS and Mr. Croley


  1. Students will remain seated unless given permission by teacher


  1. Class disruptions will not be tolerated

    1. All devices that may cause interruptions need to be turned off or given to Mr. Croley (i.e. cell phones)

    2. Students will not work on other homework or letter writing skills.

    3. Any make-up or grooming is considered a class disruption.

    4. Chromebooks are not to be opened or turned on unless instructed to do so


  1. Be respectful to other members of class

    1. Guest speaker, teachers, and other students should have your undivided attention and respect.

    2. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

    3. Rude or inappropriate gestures are ugly and a sign of disrespect.

    4. Be respectful of other individuals’ comments, opinions and ideas.


  1. Always put forth your best effort  

    1. Give 100% and everyone else will follow. (We are in this together)

    2. Express your expectations and concerns because I cannot read minds.

    3. Always forward!



These procedures are followed unless the behavior is an unsafe act or the behavior warrants different consequences.


1st offense – verbal warning


2nd offense – constructive behavior modification assignment

    • Student will be required to provide an essay discussing the following:

      • Identify the misconduct.

      • Discuss why the misconduct was inappropriate.

      • Discuss the impact of the misconduct on the students and others.

      • Discuss how to rectify the situation.

A time will be allocated with teacher to discuss the essay and consequences. Often the time will be in the morning before school begins.  The student will meet with the instructor to discuss the essay. After the discussion, the student will be presented three options for offenses committed.  The student will select of the three and another time will be allocated for next meeting with instructor. The parent will be contacted and the misconduct will be documented for future references.  


3rd offense – Student will be written up and sent to the office.


Colonel Pride

 Purpose                                  Respect                                           Integrity                                          Determination                                  Excellence